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Turntables: Long Playing Records

Arguably the LINN LP12 is the world’s most famous high quality record playing turntable and now celebrates its half century. There were fears, even predictions that the LP12 would fade away with introduction of digital audio, namely in the form of that more durable miniaturised domestic CD format, but it has not occurred.

Martin Colloms first reviewed the original LP12 in early 1974 for Hi FI for Pleasure, then published by Felix Dennis, and has tested several versions since, including for HIFICRITIC in the January to March issue in 2014.

He still owns an LP12 which was recently updated to include the new Karousel main bearing. This upgrade resulted in surprising improvements in sound quality, after so many years this was quite fascinating, and they were not just the obvious ones stemming from the lowered, if already minimal background noise.

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