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The Vinyl Disc Revival

Against all expectations Vinyl or LP disc sales have boomed in recent years, and have recently exceeded CD by value, but we also know that many of these LPs are bought on a whim and then mainly used for decoration since the purchaser frequently does not have a record player.

Player ownership itself may remain an aspiration. When record players are purchased, these are frequently of the all-in-one variety with RIAA EQ electronics in-board and wireless Wi-Fi connection to a suitable streamer.

Nevertheless, a proportion is hi-fi directed showing in rising sales for turntables, pickup arms, cartridges and phono RIAA equalisers. While popular all-in-ones may cost £200, the audiophile route will typically start at be £1,000, and the gain in sound quality will be substantial.

CDs remain a strong component in hi-fi music replay despite the convenience of streaming solutions.

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